What does the Almoner do?

On behalf of the club, the Almoner get in touch with members who might appreciate a message of condolence or support or congratulations. This contact could be a phone call, an email, a card or perhaps a visit.
People who might appreciate such a contact could be experiencing an illness; perhaps they are in hospital; they may be suffering bereavement or other grief; or they may have experienced a disabling event.
On the other hand, the Committee would also like to send a message of congratulations to members for their 90th birthday, 60th wedding anniversary, or significant achievement such as being named in the New Year or Queen's Birthday Honours lists. Please let Gorham know.

Who lets the Almoner know?

Any member could contact the Almoner on behalf of another member, or a spouse or friend could make contact on the member's behalf.

Key among members who could pass information on to the Almoner are the interest group Convenors. If you pick up the sort of information above, or maybe the member has been away, and you are concerned, please contact the Almoner.

Here is Gorham's contact information.

p: 07 855 4757  m: 027 626 1564  e:

If Gorham, or his wife Yvonne, don't reply to a phone call, please leave a message saying the call is about U3A; please clearly state your name and phone number and Gorham will get back to you.

Gorham will need you to let him know the name of the U3A member; he will need some information about the illness or other matter; he will want to ensure he has the information noted accurately so he will clarify that with you. Gorham has a list of Members' phones and addresses, but it can be helpful to let him know a bit more if the person is in hospital or away from home.